i make sure we work hard

i make sure we have fun


Beloved Husband and I have been in love for over TWENTY YEARS.

together we make sure this e-boutique reflects who we are:
free & passionate & impertinent

Maybe because he is sooooo tall, he loves being behind the scenes (but I figured out how to showcase him : next to the products - ahah not hiding anymore ...)

He deals with all the invisible things and we love all of his meticulous manners.

Thanks to him :

  • Your packs are prettily dressed and securely closed and smoothly sent

  • You get all the information possible before and after you receive your delighted objects - he will always be there for you - he is the most reliable man on earth

  • He happens to deal with all the necessary stuff: finance and legal and logistics and many more I do not really care for

  • You get a pretty clear idea of the product size - he is 6'6 (2 meters).

    ME, MYSELF & I – extrovert was named after me - give me a microphone and you can leave me on stage for a loooooong time. Beloved Husband says he married me and my ego ...

    I am the one :

    • Picking the products around the world (no wonder I love my job)

    • Chatting on our favourite social media

    • Creating the scenes and taking the pictures (helped by 2 talented local photographers) 


    Our most beloved daughter Louise is our special precious asset. She inherited a strong mouth to always tell us the truth, she helps me picking items when touring through Europe (she has an exquisite and original flair for objects) and even better, she seems to love us the way we are! 

    Le Chien Marcel 

    He follows us everywhere if we respect his schedules – he truly needs to be fed at 06:12pm sharp and to go to bed at 09:12pm. Follow him on Facebook LeChienMarcel if you are into doggies or labradoooogs. 



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