It is just time to take the time to take the time

It is just time to take the time to take the time

How are you doing, my dear impertinent friends? Long time no hear from

BelovedHusband and I have been focusing on our business for a long time and then we took a looooong communication break ... long like months.

We felt like we had said what had to be said about our adventure. I was told that an online shop required a lot of work to renew the content. I loved the current content and did not see how to do better - not that it is perfect - but this is what we want it to be.

So we did not change a bit of it over time... Not a single bit (ok sometimes titles to fit the season ...)

Everything else in our lives goes so fast that finally, I am perfectly ok with a website that does not.

Our products are expensive BECAUSE they are designed to last a life long. It may take some time to make the decision to buy a 1 250 $ ostrich lamp - and it is very ok !

Everytime you come back to our website, it is exactly the same, with the same products. I was first ashamed of it, like I failed, but in fact not only am I ok with it, but I am proud of it.

Take your time, come online to visit and leave and come back. We are here ! We are doing fine !

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